Art of Drinking Tea

Drinking tea can be soothing and meditative if done right. Drinking any type of hot liquid should be done differently than drinking something cold or warm; sounds like a give, but many people will try to drink tea like it’s cold and fail miserably. Think of tea the same way you’d think of hot soup; you let it sit for a short while, take sips from the top and maybe add other items to it like crackers. The same should be done with hot tea(just don’t add crackers).

Consider drinking tea out of a traditional Asian tea cup as a way to become familiar with drinking tea. Traditional Asian tea cups come without a handle, so that the drinker will know when the tea is cool enough to drink. If it’s too hot for your fingers, it’s definitely too hot for your mouth. When you do take sips, take small sips from the top. If it’s hot swoosh it around in your mouth before swallowing so you don’t burn your throat. As you sip and swoosh, pause in between and take a moment to do something else, stare out and reflect, or just think. As time goes on the tea will cool faster than you’d expect.

In ancient China tea drinkers used tea cups without handles, and would raise their pinky to help balance the cup. This transferred to English culture as drinking tea became more popular.

There are some perks to getting very hot tea. Waiting for the tea to cool down can be relaxing. The act of sitting quietly and thinking, while inhaling the the tea aromas, can be an experience in itself. Many people enjoy getting their tea extra hot, so they can enjoy unwinding as the smell of their tea fills their lungs. An aromatherapy of sorts.